Efest Safety Charging Bag

Efest Safety Charging Bag
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Brand:  Efest


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The Safe Charging Bag by eFest is a fireproof bag which has been designed to stop and contain the potential problems caused by damaged or poorly functioning lithium batteries.

Safe charging bag for your li-ion batteries

It is made from a fibreglass woven fabric, similar to fireproof suits worn by fire-fighters.
How to
Insert the batteries into the charger ensuring polarity is correct.
Place the charger into the bag, towards the bottom.
Place the bag on a non-flammable surface.
Place the charger leads through the space (left or right seam) at the top of the bag.
Close the top flap of bag and press; ensuring the seal is secure.
Charge the battery using proper charging practices.
Never leave a charging battery unattended.